Guidelines and Forms

Participating Builders

Architectural Guidelines

The following documents provide information on specific guidelines and requirements for all building and exterior site enhancements. If you have questions about the information contained in these documents, please contact a member of the SARC.

Architectural Guidelines - Sept 2017A (09/29/17)

Architectural Review Committee Process Diagram (06/4/12)

Lot Listing by Lot Number and Address (09/14/04)

Skyecroft Approved Plant List (09/29/11)

Skyecroft Pattern Book (09/29/17)

Skyecroft Site Map (09/10/04)


The following forms are provided for your convenience. For instructions on which form to submit when, please refer to the Architecural Guidelines Complete Package, which contains detailed information.

01 Major Projects Schematic Design Development Review - Submittal Form One (09/29/17)

02 Major Projects Design Development Review - Submittal Form Two (09/29/17)

03 Major Projects - Submittal Form Three (09/29/17)

04 Request For On-Site Review - Submittal Form Four (09/29/17)

05 Reveiw At Site Staking - Submittal Form Five (09/29/17)

06 Review At Dry-In - Submittal Form Six (09/29/17)

07 Final Review - Submittal Form Seven (09/29/17)

08 Participating Contractor Application - Form Eight (09/29/17)

Minor Project Application (09/29/17)

Variance Request (09/29/17)


The following documents are provided for your convenience. Please refer to the full Architectural Guidelines for details on utilizing these checklists.

Construction Document (CD) Checklist (09/29/17)

Design Development (DD) Checklist (09/29/17)

Schematic Design Checklist (09/29/17)

Site Survey Checklist (09/29/17)